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[BUG?]: Caches in offline lists do not open on first click

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After downloading some offline lists, I have to perform an extra step to see the cache details of each cache. I don't recall this happening before the latest (3/9/2017) update, so am thinking this might be a bug.



Phone switched to Airplane Mode (wifi off, data off)

Open Geocaching app

Select "Lists", which shows my 4 downloaded lists

Select one of the lists OR View on Map

Select one of the caches in that list OR On the map



"This content could not be loaded. Tap to retry."


I have to click "Tap to retry." to get the cache details to load. I have to do this for every cache I open/re-open.

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Same problem for me.

No possibility to log

Activity doesn't work Either

No waypoints appear



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Thanks for these reports. We have confirmed the bug as reported. We'll get it fixed ASAP.

Edited by Ben H

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My phone updated the app to 5.0.2 - the two issues mentioned above (not loading cache details, no offline log option) appear to be fixed.



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