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Bug when opening cache from mail

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Yes screenshots are taken from a Norwegian phone, but you should understand from the layout.. ;)

So anyways, i get an e-mail notification of a new cache:

  1. The email arives
  2. I click on the name of the cache
  3. I choose to open the cache in the new app
  4. I can navigate with the compass
  5. But if i try to press on the map i end up at *edit* not the waypoint list, but the search gccode*
  6. i hit my back key, and i'm back at the email
  7. oh and one last thing this picture is of the publish and ftf logg (2 cachers got the FTF as a team) so one of them logged it 8 hours ago, reviewer published it 1 hour ago and the second ftf personen logged it IN ONE hour??

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