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I am seriously bored... nothing scheduled for me tonite so I might as well see the place, if nothing else. I'll be there in my amazing sequin baseball cap.


Look for something that looks like a cross between a rainbow and a disco ball on my head and ya definitely found me. icon_smile.gif




-Elana (sparrowhawk)


-Elana (a.k.a. "sparrowhawk" and formerly a.k.a. "falcospav" here on this site.)

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..for not reading the forums during working hours like I usually do icon_redface.gif


I took my entire family to the airport tonight and came home to read this forum at about 8:00pm. I jetted up to Skyline, but missed Sparrowhawk by over an hour - nobody else showed before 8:40 when I left (according to the friendly bartendress).


Oh well. I should have posted something when I knew I had tonight free icon_mad.gif

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Turns out I got there, found the Skyline Tavern truly annoying, (What, no real food??!!! Where are the good, rare microbrews?? Where's the cheese to go with my spoiled-rotten-by-McMenamins whine? icon_wink.gif ) so I split just after 7pm.


I just might announce that I am going to be someplace at a certain tuesday night and find out who else shows up.


Since I am not an Official-Type-Veteran-Geocache-Person, I cannot exactly announce an event, but hey, I can say I'm gonna be someplace, come join me... there ya go... icon_smile.gif


-Elana (a.k.a. "sparrowhawk" and formerly a.k.a. "falcospav" here on this site.)

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