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Paranormal GeoCoin

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Hello GeoCoins,


Can you check this GeoCoin.


My third cache and found GeoCoin, didn't took it because i fist found GeoCoin. Checked on GeoCaching learning and found info about GeoCoins.

Did report on GeoCoin found and noticed, why is it in Nin near Zadar.


Is it teleported or some joke.


User Joskaranch is on tour in Austria and Germany so how did GeoCoin ended in Nin.


Can't imagine that.


And just for add some more, all my finds where in plastic white round boxes, no ones from description, no plastic bags for rain protection.


I fell like detective.

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No answer?


Looks like everybody are paranormal here.


The person that had the geocoin placed it in the cache four months ago and forgot to log the drop. :laughing: They used the visit feature to every cache that they visited after placing the geocoin. :)

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