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unactivated geocoin found

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I'm not sure what to do with a geocoin I found that does not appear in the system. It looks like it hasn't been activated.

Was it in a cache? Was there some log about placing a Geocoin? You could add some info to your Found It log about the possibly unactivated coin, in case the person who placed it can add more to the story. Can you post a picture? Don't post a Tracking Number (even if it doesn't seem to work).


Is it brand new in its flip case and plastic wrap?


You've moved some Trackables, so you have an idea of what to look for. But there are a lot of Geocoins that have strangeness upon them. Some have extra numbers (a coin with a theme of a cache has a GC number as well as a Tracking Number, for example). Some have extra letters and numbers prefixed to the Tracking Number! There are a lot of confusing coins out there. Someone viewing a photo of the coin may have helpful tips on how to log it.


As mentioned, you have the challenge of figuring out if it's a Trackable at all. Geocoins typically have text like "Track at Geocaching.com", and if it's any other website (other than than "geocaching.com" or "Groundspeak.com"), there ya go... it's not an "Official" Trackable Geocoin.


Also, beware of letters and numbers, such as 1 and I, O and 0, even an 8 that looks like S. And bear in mind that whoever placed it maybe also couldn't figure it out :anicute:.

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It is very rarely, that an unactivated coin is found in a cache.

Exept it is stated and left there as a trade item.

But then there should be some note in the logbook about this.


Please check, if there is the phrase: "tackable at geocaching.com" somewhere on the coin.

If so, check if the number contains


S or five S/5

Oh or zero or Q O/0/Q

B or eight B/8

Z or two Z/2

I or one I/1


Even with a magnifying glass the numbers are often way too small. I'll never understand, why designers can't incorporate bigger spaces for the tracking number.

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I'm not sure what to do with a geocoin I found that does not appear in the system. It looks like it hasn't been activated.


1. Check that it says "trackable at geocaching.com" on it somewhere.


2. Re-check the code, especially if it's tiny or worn, because it's very easy to misread these.


3. If you found it in a cache then try looking at recent logs to see if anyone mentioned leaving a coin.


4. If you're going to an event any time soon then ask for help from experienced cacher who can actually see the coin. B)


5. If it's showing up as a new coin and no-one's claiming it back then you can activate it (but this would be very rare and usually a mistake by the placer unless it's a FTF prize).


6. Or return it to a cache and let someone else work it out. :lol:


Good luck!

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