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The Best Geocaching GPS?

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my phone is the best. do you want a simple handheld, or something that can easily navigate to your caches, as well as handle downloading them?


less ?




there is a lot to choose from... holler what your preferences are and you'll get a better recommendation. :-)

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Yellow Etrex...


Seriously though, depends on what you do. I can't tell you how many times I've dropped, knocked, dunked, whatever my GPS, and it got wet, dirty, and everything else. Every time I was glad I bought an outdoor trail gps. Garmin and others all carry a full line of them starting in the $100 range and going up significantly, depending on features, screen size, etc.

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Do you prefer using a touchscreen or buttons? This can be a fundamental factor in choosing a device. Some people have problems using touchscreens with only one hand, but are able to manipulate buttons with just one hand. Many touchscreen devices become difficult to use when the screen gets water droplets on it, because those screens 'sense' the water droplets as touches. If you think that you'll be using your GPS device in the rain, then this is something you might want to consider.


The yellow eTrex mentioned above is a standalone GPSr. It's the eTrex10. You may want to search the forum to read reviews of this device. It is fairly limited in performance, so if you like the eTrex series than you may want to consider the eTrex20 instead of the eTrex10.

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I'm looking to buy myself a new geocaching GPS. Any advice on which one is the best to buy?


You got one company who currently makes them, Garmin. With that in mind, what is your budget and do you prefer touch screen or buttons?


You can't go wrong with anything above an Etrex 10. And the Etrex 10 will be as accurate as the other units, you just don't get mapping and you are limited to around 1,000-2,000 geocaches loaded.


Garmin Oregon 600's are cheap right now and excellent units.

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