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New Offline Maps should store on SD Card

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Hello Developers!


The new geocaching app for android is getting better and better.


The using of offline maps is good, but it could be better.


Actually the maps are stored in the intern memory of the smartphone. Most users have limited space there and not much free.


Maybe you can made the app to use the sd card for memory. So that we can put the offline data to the sd card (extern memory).


Or make it so, that we can use mapsforge maps, that we can download ourself from mapsforge.org or so and put it on sd card to use with the new app.


Maybe you think about it. Then more users can use this app even on cheap smartphones with limited intern memory.


Greetings Lemmi1de.

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Root your phone and you will have the ability to move it to external storage. Try ES File explorer, it might move it to SD card without having to root the phone. All root does is give you access to the phones system apps. It opens up alot of possibilities.

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So new to the forum.

Yes rooting the phone is one option but it should not be necessary. Why not simply make it possible for the whole App and its data to be moved to the SDcard?

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