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2017 Fantasy Auto Racing Coiners League - taking new entrants

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The 2017 NASCAR season is closely approaching and the Fantasy Auto Racing Coiners League is back!


Once again, this year we'll be in the Yahoo Fantasy Auto Racing leagues, one unactivated trackable geocoin as a buy-in, Lucky dog drops your worst week per segment. Geocoin payout depends on the number of entrants. Will email everyone a mailing address once the season starts.


Here's the league ID: 4662 (2017 Coiners League)


Password is 2017geocoin


Please let me know if you have any questions and good luck!

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Hello everyone, just a quick update regarding the buy-in coins.  I've received coins from the following:

Crazy Canuk, Kiss of Death, hotwheels, and Mattycakes

I still need coins from Raycer X, Kensay, and JGR20Fan.

Does anyone know who Raycer X is?  I can't contact him/her through Yahoo as there's no contact info there.

PM if you need my mailing address, thanks!

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Congrats to Martin Truex! Close races all year and not too many new rules. The Geocoiner's Fantasy League was close too. I was sure Kensay was gonna catch me on the last race. I checked after it was over, he and I had the exact same roster as I did for the final, what's the odds of that? I tried to login to the Yahoo league 4662 today and it says I'm not a member. I guess when it's over...it's over, just like 2017 Nascar. It's been fun, hope to get in on it again next year!          Kiss of Death

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Congrats to Martin Truex.  I can live with a championship by a nice guy like him.  Also Congrats to PaRacers for the fantasy league win.  You had a good season too.  Send me your address because I still owe you 2 segment winner prizes.  And to our 3rd segment winner - congrats go to Kensay.  Please send me your address thru my geocaching.com email address and I will send your segment trackable prize.  Also many thanks to Mauison for running the racing league again this year.  I'm ready for next year, and looking for Chase Elliot to be our champion next year.  Or Kyle Larson.  One of these kids is going to get hot next year.  Happy Holidays to you all.

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Yep, Yahoo shut down their fantasy auto racing (as well as golf, which I also play).  I guess they're focusing their resources on their more popular fantasy sports, like football.

I looked into alternatives and the only free one I found was from NASCAR itself so I set up a league.  They changed their rules for 2018 to make it more similar to Yahoo.  There are also bonus points you can earn each week, like picking the pole-winner, winning manufacturer, etc.

Let me know if you want to play and I can send the info.  If you want to be eligible for the geocoin prizes, the buy-in is one unactivated geocoin.  Thanks!

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