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Coord Update on cache page

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So solved a puzzle and decided to update the coords on the cache page. Something I have done thousands of time. The last few times have been much harder then need be. The latest update/fix has left the box that comes up clear allowing what is on screen behind it to show through. When typing in the new coords the area becomes very busy and hard to read thus allowing for mistakes. Why this would not have stayed white or changed to any other colour then clear makes no sense. It appears that is the only change that was made to this part was the colour change.

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Windows Pro, Firefox, with or without Greasemonkey.


Agree, that's an uglification of the function.

Image below, (note that I've updated the bogus coords to the bogus coords, ie, no info here)



Mine is doing this as well. It is very hard to see and is really annoying.

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Mine is doing this too. But besides being hard to read, now it's not letting me actually "accept" the updated change. It's like it's not sensing my selection of the button? It's absolutely vital that we are able to update the coords, especially on a unknown/puzzle cache. Thanks :)

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