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Evince account suspended

Gill & Tony

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I'm in the middle of solving a series of puzzle caches which use Evince as the coordinate checker. All of a sudden I'm getting a message:


Account for domain evince.locusprime.net has been suspended


Does anyone know what this means? Is it likely to be permanent or just a temporary hiccup?





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There are other checkers out there, that have more functionality. I think evince was probably the first, so I have a bit of nostalgia feeling for it.


Wonder how many caches currently use it, and how many are owned by cache owners who are MIA and will never correct their cache page if they have to move to a different checker.

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I've told the CO of the puzzles I'm doing, so he is in the loop. If it is still dead in a day or so then maybe something will have to be done.


I don't envy him, this series I'm doing is 100 caches and he probably has a few more. A lot of work to fix his pages.


I'm not much enamoured of Evince. Their 10 minutes between tries means that my fat fingers waste an awful lot of time.

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I'm not certain what's happened, but i've noticed that our long standing Texas reviewer is no longer publishing caches in our area. I'm pretty sure he is the same person that came up with and runs Evince. While i have no idea of knowing, my gut feeling tells me that he may no longer be interested in geocaching life. Hopefully this isn't the case.

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The whole of locusprime.net is suspended.


If it is connected to the Texas reviewer, maybe another reviewer - or someone from HO - could contact them and find out what is happening.


It may be that locusprime has gone away and the folk piggy-backing on it are trying to get back on line somehow. It would be nice for puzzle-setters and solvers to know something concrete.

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The domain apparently expired months ago!




Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 1404

Whois Server: whois.websitesource.com

Referral URL: http://www.websitesource.com



Status: clientTransferProhibited https://icann.org/epp#clientTransferProhibited

Updated Date: 29-jun-2015

Creation Date: 26-jul-2005

Expiration Date: 26-jul-2016


Certitudes.org is a much better option anyway.

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I have just received the following from Groundspeak. It is self-explanatory, I think...




Hello Tony-


Thank you for contacting Geocaching HQ.


We are aware the website for the evince geochecker is suspended. The geocacher who built evince no longer plans to maintain the website.


Therefore, cache owners will need to use another geochecker. We recommend contacting the cache owner to suggest they add a different geochecker (such as Certitude or Geochecker) to their cache page. If it is not possible to find the geocache without the geochecker, the CO must replace the geochecker or the cache may get archived by a community volunteer reviewer or Geocaching HQ.


Best regards,



Geocaching Community Manager



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If anyone is wondering about the security of the final coords of the thousands of puzzle caches that used Evince, you might find the following quote from the Evince FAQ page somewhat reassuring:


"Why should I trust you with the answers to my puzzle cache? Can't you just look up the coordinates in the database?


No. With the exception of the horseshoes and atom bombs entries (see below), coordinates are never stored. Instead, a single hash value is calculated from the coordinates, and that hash value is stored in the database. The calculation is one-way. It's not possible to restore the original value from the hash. Also, to prevent what's called a "dictionary look-up", a secret 32 byte value is mixed with the coordinates before hashing. When someone wants to verify a coordinate, the same hash calculation is done with their entry, and if the hash values match, then the coordinates should be correct."


Of course, its not just the loss of a checker but also all that "extra" information that may have been given by the COs such as waypoints, parking coords, trail head coords and hints that is now lost. If the CO is no longer active this information is now lost for good! Pity Groundspeak didn't negotiate some sort of arrangement with Prime Suspect to take it over.

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The person who maintained that site and wrote the website died in mid-February. He was the reviewer for our area, and most of us just found out this week about it. Very sad here. He was a great person to know. Very kind and patient.


I am so sorry to hear that. Explains everything, because he was hardly the kind of person to let his site just go dark. Thanks for letting us know.

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