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Benchmark name?

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37° 44' 24.2" N, 120° 43' 12.1" W

north side of Warnerville RD.

East and a little south of Oakdale CA.


I assume you are trying to find the data sheet?

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If you've found a disk by accident and want to find a PID and data sheet, start here


pick Advanced Search

Enter approximate latitude and longitude and search.

If that comes up with something near, compare the agency name and stamping to see if it is the one you found.


You can do something similar on the NGS web site, which may have new marks added since the Geocaching snapshot of their data base in about 2000/2001.


With a US Geological Survey disk, the odds of it being in the National Geodetic Survey data base are small but significant. Only some fraction of those were measured to the standards and included in the NGS list. The USGS list is on paper in file cabinets and will never be on line, and they don't care much about recoveries.

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