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8/7/02 - The Golden King Pickle Caper

my sister

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Ready? Set? GO!!!


This week's meeting first involves a little contest (partially inspired by soup). It's a race to win, and yes... you will need your gps.


Plan to take the MAX to the Washington Park Zoo, take the elevator up and meet at these coordinates:

45.30.717 N

122.43.116 W


You'll want to try to arrive by 7:30. The contest will start by 7:45.


Younger people are welcome, however the final destination will be a nice place to pickle our innards so plan accordingly. icon_wink.gif

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the most rewarding part will be when my team wins.


I am accepting bets here.

As an inner-southeasterner, i can offer pizza from Vincente's, PBR from the BM, gyros from riyadh's, breakfast at johnny B's, or 50% off a dance from Madison at Doc's.


Anyone care to match my bet?


all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed

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So here I'm thinkin', "Last time we were at XV it was chilly. I think I'll wear jeans this time." Little did I know I'd have to run over most of Washington County looking for a tampon and a jar of pickled string beans! The strange part was that it was somehow worth it. Thanks go to my sister and Bellemanda for setting it up. Great job that showed a lot of thought went into it. I'm sure igor71 will be posting pix soon. Speaking of whom -- igor71 was the perfect partner for team Pickled Tripe -- nice to meet you! And The TJ! -- I hope you enjoy your dances.

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Nice little change to our Wednesday night gathering..we actually did a cache!

Thanks to the ladies for setting this one up! Even though I came in 3rd, I had a great time, and I appreciated Oregone and LaurenCat's help while looking for the spike. If it hadn't been for them helping me, they probably would have come in 1st.. heheh

I hold the spike now and am working up something that should be pretty fun.


Thanks again for the fun tonight!



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...hopefully next time! You guys ever have get-togethers on the eastside of Portland?


What about a get-together at a fellow cacher's home? (Not that I'm volunteering our house, but merely a suggestion.) I could understand if privacy issues come into play though. However, to offset that, pickling your innards (as it's been so delicately put) is much cheaper at home than at a bar. icon_wink.gif

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Originally posted by Sassquatch:

Hey fractal, maybe you could set something up on a Tuesday if that is okay with everyone else. I sure would like to get in on the fun.


Actually, yes! I'm shooting for Tuesday the 20th @ around 7pm. It's going to take me a little time to set things up for my golden spike event.

Although not required, you may want to watch the movie The Game before the 20th icon_wink.gif



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The good news is...I made home last night and got in to work this morning.


The bad news....my head feels like a half-empty jar of Golden King Pickle juice. icon_eek.gif


What a night though...Geocaching, pickled beans, PBR, Yam fries, more PBR, acrobatic stripping nuns on parade, even more PBR, and finally - half naked one-arm push-up contests....at 3am. icon_wink.gif


Seriously though...who could ask for anything more in an evening.


Special thanks to My sister and Bellemanda for making it happen....and to the rest of you fine folks for keeping me up way past my bedtime.


Fractal....the ball is in your court.

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Originally posted by Bodoni:


Waaah icon_frown.gif I'm going to miss it. I'll be Bruuuuuuuuuuucing it up at the Rose Garden. I bet your beer won't cost as much as my beer.


I'll see if I can pull it back to Monday the 19th.. But we'll see if I can get everything ready by then.



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For showing up and making the First Golden King Pickle Caper a big sucess. Congratulations to Team Pickle Liver for being the first team back. Thanks to Team Pickled Tripe for being such good sports about having to tunnel underground and search for feminine protection. Another Congratulations to Team Pickled Eggs, as you now hold the Golden King Pickle.


As for Team Pickled Pigs Feet... you came in last, but do you deserve special mention. Your team generously helped Pickled Eggs (even though he didn't need it...heheh).


Finally, thanks again to Igor71 for thinking to bring a camera and to post pics.


-my sister

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