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Clark fire photos from Flir~Girl


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Interesting pictures. The thermal image looking down on the helicopter is pretty cool. Checking the coordinates of the image, I was able to place it directly over Portland Creek, which is obviously the dark area running from top to bottom in the image. I haven't been paying much attention to the Clark Fire, but checking the Active Fire Map page, I noticed it was along Fall Creek. Wow!! what a shame. That is a beautiful area of Old Growth forest along the creek with some nice campgrounds and hiking trails.



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From 'Oregon Geographic Names' by Lewis A. McArthur:


According to A.J. Briem, long time USFS district ranger, a group of miners from Portland staked a claim and built a cabin at the forks of Portland Creek northwest of Sinker Mountain. They were known as the 'Portland Outfit' and thus gave their name to the creek.


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I heard a little bit about the Clark fire, up here on cable Northwest news.

Great pics.


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