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Favorite GeoCaching Cities (second post)


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I posted this in the General, but I thought I would get the Northwest's opinion. What are your top GeoCaching Cities and why? My top 3 right now are: 1. Corvallis Oregon - lost of traditional caches in beautiful locations all within a 10 mile range. 2. Anchorage, Alaska - again beautiful trailes and parks, and where else can you run into a moose while geocaching. 3. Englewood/Cherry Creek (Denver), Colorado - Great night caching along beautiful urban green space trails. Mix of traditional and micro. What are yours?

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Well until you get over here to Bend, Oregon, I think you need to keep your top spot open.

but right off the top of my head would go :


Then, I would pick Boise, Idaho.


Then I would pick Spokane, Washington.


Then I would take Missoula, Montana.


All have great caches and parks and trails.


If you go to Elk River, Idaho, There you can run into Moose, Elk, Deer, Bear, Cats while getting fuel, let alone caching at the Largest Tree on the East Side of the Cascade's or hiking the trail by Three great waterfalls.


But then again, It would depend on what type of cache your looking for and how hard of a hunt you want. Are you after scenery? Local history? Cache density? Cache type? Wildlife?


Buy as Red says, All the places have something to offer and your picks might not be the same as mine or anyone elses.


And that is the main part of this game, taking you to places you would not otherwise have went to let alone known about.


Later, logscaler and Red icon_biggrin.gif

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Missoula, Mt is tops on our list. And we have enjoyed the Fort Collins, CO area as well. We haven't made our way West and so can't give an opinion about your home areas, but we are looking forward to a few trips next summer. Missoula has a nice mix of mountain and urban caches that really show off our area.



Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else. (JM Barrie)

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Ok, so I am am very biased on this, since I haven't cached all over the NW.

But there are so many caches (173 within 10 miles of city center, 260 within 20 miles) with an assortment of traditional, micros, virtuals, puzzles, multis. Difficulties and terrains of all ratings. A multitude of settings from urban to suburb parks to deep forest (Forest Park is over 5000 acres and wonderful!) The cachers in the area are great people to gather with.

What more can you ask for? icon_smile.gif

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I must say, I did have a really great time in Dallas TX. except the big snake kind of freaked me out. But as we all know Portland is the greatest. Big, small, multi, urban, rural, flat terrain, hillside or mountainous, beach or lakeside. In Texas it was pretty much the same terrain the whole time. In the PDX area I have seen sternwheelers at 5 am all lit up like new years eve, deer, coyote's, homeless, giant sitka spruce and so on. Way too many things to mention. Most of all it's the people. Portland is teeming with awesome people. And I would rather not start naming names. The birth of geocaching, the rest are just wannabes, nuff said. As I speak, my cohorts and I are planning a geocaching roadtrip in the rain and as my buddy Q.M. says, I'm mighty sweet but I won't melt. Again it's the people, and the dedication. I won't say it's a sport because it's such a walk in the park.

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I think Seattle and Portland are both tops in terms of geocaching meccas, with huge varieties of caches from micros to multis, from puzzles to traditionals. However, if I had my choice, I think I'd take Coeur d'Alene, ID. The overall quality of caches there is topnotch (thanks in no small part to one Niskibum!), and is a great mix of urban and wilderness caches.



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Moun10Bike, you are far too kind, but thanks.


I would have to say that my favorite city isn't really a city. Priest lake Idaho is home to several excellent caches, most of which are planted by Moun10Bike himself, and they are mostly in places with extraordinary views, and beautiful scenery. High mountain lakes, mountain top vistas, and huge old growth cedar forests make the caching just an excuse to be there, as if any were needed.


The city caches are a fun, but give me an all day hike and some fly fishing in the mountains any day! Thanks Moun10Bike for getting me up there more often this year.


On the other note, are we soon to see a different type of terrorist profile? Be on the lookout for two men with several electronic gadgets, wearing bike shorts and helmets. Last seen in a park looking under stumps and logs, approach with caution.

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Originally posted by niskibum:

On the other note, are we soon to see a different type of terrorist profile? Be on the lookout for two men with several electronic gadgets, wearing bike shorts and helmets. Last seen in a park looking under stumps and logs, approach with caution.


It was something like that. Part of the story, More of the story is here.


What's next, microbombs?

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My ninth grade social studies teacher told me that by the year 2005, everything from Bellingham to Eugene would simply be known as 'Greater Seattle.' He's 24 1/2 months away from being wrong, fortunately.


Like anyone else on the planet, i'll vote for where i'm from. The bulk of my found list consists of caches within 25 miles of interstate 5. And although there have been a lot of craptastic ones, there have also been some genuinely entertaining ones. So i choose Greater Seattle.


But i must give props to my homeys in Klamath Falls, give a shout out to Bend, and raise the roof for Raymond, Washington. Peace out, bro, peace out everyone.


all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed

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My vote is for Bend/Redmond, Oregon area. I may be biased as I live here, but take a few look sees at some of the caches and the geography of the area is VERY condusive to caching. Besides that we have many creative cachers that put lots of effort into their caches and the NUMBER ONE reason I like this area.. it doesn't rain a lot. No briars, no mud.. no slippery slidy rotting leaves... lots of lava rocks and bluffs, caves, cracks, buttes, mountains.. etc..


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Sorry Cole, I am from the Corvallis/Salem area, and while there are a large number of caches, I don't think there is anything special here, in fact, I have to admit most of our local caches are-well, kinda lame.

I guess that's because my idea of a "traditional cache" is a pleasant hike into a beatuiful area. I just don't get the cache and dashers who proudly report "this is my 12th find of 34 today", seems rather insulting to the persom who carefully planned out and hid the cache. What we mostly have here are little suburban parks with caches under the picnic bench 20 feet from the car-perfect for the cache and dashers, but frankly unsatisfying for us who like to savor our adventure. Since I don't have little kids, there is no thrill in this kind of hunt for me. Not sure how other adults would find these satisfying either. IMHO, these 1/1 caches in suburban parks are boring and hardly worth the gas mileage!


- a snobby nature lover

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I personally like the Yakima and Ellensburg areas. The Yakima caches are not just the type that you get out of you car and walk 20 ft to, you actually have to hike for most of them. And I like the people that are hiding the caches, they make theme caches that are very interestion and frustrating at times. Also, there are many beauty spots in the area that are always fun to see. Caches that are on top of the towering hills in Yakima are always the best b/c of the great views. I like Yakima better then the big cities also b/c people dont really look at you wierd and they dont steal the caches. OH well, that's just my opinion, what does that add up 2? (not a whole lot) Thanks ~Derek

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Funny, but most of my great finds have not been within city limits or even close. Besides which I've focused on mostly Boise so I couldn't tell you which city anyway. Now this spring when Invade Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada and a few other states I'll have a better basis of comparison. Odds are though my favorites will still be outside the city limits.


I will say this though. After geocaching all over Southern Idaho this has become a much prettier state and it wasn't too shabby before.


Wherever you go there you are.

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Id have to say the Sacramento area for 2 reasons. First is that it's just more exciting for me to geocache in an unfamiliar area. I like to get down there once a year or so to see family and I alway's set aside a few days for nothing but caching.


The second reason is that it's much more adventuresome hunting for a cache when your also having to keep your eye out for Snakes and Poison Oak. Not to mention having to battle the blazing heat. I had a case of heat exhaustion the first day I went out last year. Add an element of risk and the excitement factor goes way up.


Also, (I know I only said two reasons so sue me) there arent alot of the cache and dash's in that area. Even the ones which are listed as 1/1's still required a bit of a hike. And there are massive amounts of cache's to find without having to travel more than 10 miles in any direction.



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Regarding cities, I like the Yakima area and of course, the greater Seattle area. I have yet to visit Vancouver/Portland caches, but I will! As far as general areas, the Columbia River Gorge has a special place in my heart....I just love that area and enjoy doing the caches down there. Dan and Janet have a fabulous Highway 14 series down there. I've still a few to complete yet. Perhaps I'll plant a box down there next spring/summer...I know a few good places not "marked" yet.

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