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Do you know pinecones?


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Hey folks, a user named "pinecones" has had my Agent Ninja Turtle Travel Bug since July. It was a brand new bug and had only been in one cache for one day! It's long story, but it's a special bug of mine that I have never even seen!


I want it! I've written to pinecones more than once and they won't reply. If you know this person, will give them a good shake for me? They are somewhere in OR, I believe.






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I have three missing travel bugs. I've only placed a total of 4 so you can imagine my dismay. Until I can get word on these, I wont bother to put out more because it is just too frustrating. Anyway, I have tried emailing the three people who last logged these TB's and have not recieved reply's from any of them. They are:


Speed Bug - taken by "Gee G" from a cache in New York on July 17th, 02.


Fair Bug - taken by "bubblesort" from a cache in the bay area on June 14th, 02


Tigger Traveler - taken by "gb_ja" from a cache in Iowa on May 25th, 02


Maybe we should create a special subject thread in the forum's just for the purpose of weeding out these travel bug kidnapper's. (or is there one allready?)


Come to think of it, I'm probably posting in the wrong spot since this is the northwest forum.



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Mr. Snazz, I know what you mean. But my bugs have a big ole' Travel Bug Information Sheet with them. So there really is not excuse. I feel kinda bad posting a lost TB in the forums, but if I try to send an e-mail or two and get no repsonse, well...


By the way, does anyone from the Bellevue area know cachingham? He did some geocaching VERY briefly about a year ago. In fact, he only found three geocaches, but that was enough to get one of my Travel Bugs and keep it. icon_mad.gif


- Seth!



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While I'm sure the intent was good, I think it's a misuse of administrative privs to disable the account of the other user in order to try to flush the person out of the woodwork to get them to reply. I'm sure there are 'hundreds' of people with Travel Bugs who would like you to take the same action to help them get 'their' missing bugs.



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