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CITO Weeks 2017

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Hello everybody,


until now I did not find any announcement about the CITO-weeks 2017. Does anyone know the dates?


Best Regards


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Had mail conversation with GC-HQ this week:


"Thank you for contacting Geocaching HQ.

We are still in the process of planning CITO for 2017 and so have not yet announced those dates, but plan to by the end of the month. We typically try to plan it around Earth Day, which is April 22nd this year.

Best regards, "


so there is no official date set now.


Greetings from Germany

Stefan aka Plauzenthaler

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Still no information about real date of CITO Week 2017 ?


According to what I've read, and what is mentioned in the thread I started, it appears September 23 to October 1 will be a CITO-filled "week"

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