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Premium Member subscription cost

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I'm wondering if the following scenario has happened to anyone else. Admittedly I haven't done an exhaustive search of the forums, just tried a couple of keywords and didn't find anything.


My subscription for premium membership renewed just a few days ago on the 7th of January. See below:


Right now, your Geocaching Premium membership is locked in at $30 USD/year and we want you to keep that price. Confirming your payment details before your renewal date will make sure your Geocaching Premium membership continues at $30 USD/year.


The purchase of your Geocaching Premium membership has been successful. We have billed 34.50 USD to your credit card. Your invoice number is


Spot the difference.


I have contacted Groundspeak, and I'm sure they will sort it out. I'm not overly concerned about it, but yeah, wondering if anyone else has been overcharged.


Cheers and happy new year.

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I paid more than $30 USD and not because of VAT. The extra few dollars I paid was Washington state sales tax. Didn't fret about it. Most purchases have sales tax added, even my Netflix subscription has sales tax added.


That's why you should move out of Washington.


"BOTG" is the Sales Tax concept that says that a company has to charge sales tax when the customer lives in a state where the company has a physical or financial presence and therefore has to collect and submit the tax.


That's why TV commercials and print ads will frequently say something like, "CA and VT residents add sales tax." The company has "Boots On The Ground" in California and Vermont (may be an office in one, and a warehouse/distribution center in the other), and has to collect/submit tax for CA & VT sales only.


Not true in every situation and every state, and some companies collect and submit in EVERY state, partially to avoid the complexity and partly to be good citizens (yeah, right).


You mentioned Netflix - cable outlets everywhere. Maybe it's too hard to justify a 'non-presence'. Amazon charges sales tax everywhere, because they have distribution centers in most states. The Bosley hair growth people (a sore subject, BTW) don't.


Some states have been pushing federal legislation to mandate sales tax collection regardless of where the source or destination is given the ubiquitude of online sales and unrealized tax revenue. Youch.


So, you live in Washington, and Groundspeak's in Washington. Thirty bucks plus tax for you. Thirty bucks for me.


Like I said, I'd move if I were you.

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