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Large Domestic Appliances, etc.

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Or Antlers?


I think you were joking with me MW, but if I'm honest: it could very well be in Antlers! LOL


Gawd this hobby -- ha ha ha ha ha :)

Actually, I've been through Antlers a bunch of times; and I know that they do have a little museum there of some kind. (In fact, there's one of those Usually Soggy Paper Game things within the museum that you have to ask the proprietors to get out so that you can sign the non-soggy log in this case, and register it as Found It.) It's a big enough town that it could have multiple small museums. There's a nice old train depot there.

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BTW, does it include old clothes washers used as mailbox stands?


Since planters are not allowed, I would not hold out hope for this. Might drop BK-Hunters a line directly though for a final yea or nay :)


Can you post a picture so we can have a look?

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Household Appliances and Presses will now accept submissions in ALL MUSEUMS. :D


We have added two new variables: Admission and Business hours.


Please include "Business Hours" for museums and other businesses.


All variables are still optional, we encourage you to use them.

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