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Northwest Oregon Coast help


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I'm looking for a little friendly advice, so any and all help is greatly appreciated!


I'm going to be in the Portland area in a few weeks, and my wife and I were considering spending a weekend on the coast. We don't want to stray too far south (i.e. not more than 100 miles from Portland), I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions for places to stay, things to see/do, etc. for a weekend stay. Of course, I'll do a little geocaching too!



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Okay, first of all I am PC challenged so I have no links for you. Just go to seek a cache and look up Angels7, View by the bay, and Enchanted Seas. With angels7 you can have a world class bowl of chowder (and a pint) and an awesome walk on the beach. This is one of my favorites all time. View by the bay is cool, if you visit the nearby *free* aquarium they had a octopus that could open a jar, and you can touch it. Enchanted seas takes you to the awsome Oregon coast aquarium, make sure you spend some of those tourism dollars while your here please. Oh yea, the Enchanted seas cache is sponsored by the Oregon Coast Aquarium so don't worry about them, and don't go too far back, that window above your head is the womens bathroom, don't ask please. Head into Newport and check out the historic waterfront, rent a crab ring and throw it off the pier to catch your own crabs. And don't forget Depoe Bay with all the shops and fishing tours. Good hunting and have fun.

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I grew up in Newport from 1976-1987. The Hatfield Marine Science Center has the octopus that Sassquatch mentioned. It was dang awesome when I was growing up, but now takes a back seat to the Oregon Coast Aquarium nearby. Although the OCA is awesome, the MSC is free, and awesome in its own right.


Doug's and my favorite clam chowder is at the Chowder Bowl. Some people Like Mo's better, but to me Mo's is more name recognition now than chowder quality. We like the Chowder Bowl at Nye Beach better than the one on the bayfront. Also at Nye Beach is a nice photo/art gallery and art center.


Go to Yaquina Head lighthouse north of town, if you haven't been there already. Several years ago a nice tidewater pool park was created near there, one that is wheelchair accessible at low tide. The last time that Doug and I visited it, it was not yet completed, but was already awesome!


I must admit that we have not been to Newport for significantly more than a year--not since December 2001. We didn't start caching until June 2002, so we obviously haven't done any caches there either, but have several on our list for the next time we do go.


I see you are from Iowa. My family moved to Oregon from Cainsville Missouri (extreme north central) and my grandpa still lives in Lamoni IA. We know you'll have fun out here in Oregon.


While in the Portland area, DO NOT miss the Columbia River Gorge. Good hiking, spectacular waterfalls and scenery, and lots of rewarding caches too!


Temporarily French Polynesia's most prolific geocachers!

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.Hands down the Sea Hag in Depoe bay has the best clam chowder on the coast. Also the Tidal Raves Restarant in the north part of town has great food, sometimes hard to get a table on the weekends though, very popular. Sea Hag has a seafood buffet on Friday nights. Then there are bunches of caches in Lincoln City and on the road down to Depoe Bay and on down to Newport. Enough to keep anyone busy for a full weekend. I agree with sassquatch about Angels 7, but watch out for the landslide and the house hanging over the edge of the cliff. After your chowder at the Sea Hag do Salmon Crossing. When you check out the bridge at the entrance to the bay think about this Conde's Creations.


You can't go wrong on the Oregon coast, lots to see and do to keep everyone busy and happy.


I've gone to look for myself, if I should return before I get back, please keep me here.

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Well, first you'll need a place to stay. The best deal in downtown portland is the city center Days Inn--at $49 a night, it's half the cost of the trendy historical places. Flying into Portland? Save money by picking up your rental car downtown instead of at the airport. You can take light rail from the airport to downtown for $1.55. Now that you're all checked in, one of the most 'portlandy' restaurants in the downtown area, in my opinion, is Jake's Famous Crawfish. If i were from Iowa, i would totally eat there.

In the morning, head west on US 26 (lots of caches on the way) before turning left and heading southwesterly on OR 53 to Nehalem. A great lunch can be had at the Nehalem Dock Restaurant, or the Blue Sky Cafe (541-368-5712) a few miles north in Manzanita. I have a cache there in Nehalem, but it might take up too much time. An awesome place to stay is just a few miles south at the Wheeler on the Bay Lodge. If you stay in #4, look for my entry in the bed-side journal. It's kinda funny. You can also rent kayaks from here and paddle up to heron, harbor seal, and the occassional lost orca.

Continue south on US 101 in the morning and stop at Blue Heron for gifts and a ton of samples. This place is almost a free lunch, and is much cooler than the overrated Tillamook Cheese factory, if you ask me.

If you have time, drive the Three Capes Scenic Loop or do the killer BayOcean cache.

When you're all done, head east on OR 6 back toward Portland. If you haven't already stopped at the obligatory McMenamins, then the Grand Lodge in Forest Grove is as good a place as any.


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Originally posted by oregone:

Well, first you'll need a place to stay. The best deal in downtown portland is the http://www.the.daysinn.com/portland05313--at $49 a night, it's half the cost of the trendy historical places. Flying into Portland? Save money by picking up your http://www.budget.com/locations/DisplayStore.jsp?reg=UNITED+STATES&regid=1&lng=-122.681786&lat=45.50882&country=US&countryname=&state=OR&city=PORTLAND&id=PD3 downtown instead of at the airport. You can take http://trimet.org/schedule/w/t1100_0.htm from the airport to downtown for $1.55. Now that you're all checked in, one of the most 'portlandy' restaurants in the downtown area, in my opinion, is


is what? are you trying to build suspense or what?



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Oops. Musta hit the wrong button. It was Jake's. Not the new, yuppie Jake's. The original, sweet-happy-hour-deal Jake's next to vaseline alley. For some reason, it seems that the more gay strip clubs are in the area, the better the happy hour deals.


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If all you need is good food, sand and beer the little town of Oceanside is hard to beat. No myrtlwood, no taffy, no bumper cars - just miles of quiet beaches. The House on the Hill is a good place to stay and Roseanna's is a great place to eat. Across the street from Roseanna's is the Anchor Tavern, a great place to drink beer and tell lies. This part of the coast is off Hwy 101 and so is off the radar screen of most beach goers. There are several great caches in this general area, including the Bayocean cache oregone mentioned. You can find out more about Oceanside at this site.




I'm not a geocacher but I play one on TV.


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