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Possible New Category - Latin Inscriptions

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Hello everyone,


I think Latin Inscriptions would be a neat category. There's no other category I've found that these would fall into. Any inscriptions on churches, buildings, monuments, gravestones, etc. in the Latin language would be included.


This is my first attempt at creating a new category, so I'm very interested in hearing your thoughts and suggestions. If you're interested in helping, I've already created a group for the category. Thanks!

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There IS a category for inscriptions, whether they're in Latin or any other language. The category is titled Etched in Stone. The only limitation is that they don't except gravestone with inscriptions but will except pretty much any other location like a church, government building, monument, etc.

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Thanks for the info. This new category would be different as it's not just for quotes, but for anything Latin.


Would this new category include Roman Numerals? These can be found on thousands of date plaques and cornerstones, as a subset of Roman Numerals to be found in other types of locations and situations worldwide.

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Sounds redundant and overprevalent to me if Anno Domini is included -- every cornerstone from the 19th century and earlier will qualify.


I have several statues with Latin inscriptions accepted into the Etched in Stone category, which I think will accept 100% of your category.


Welcome to the forum - I'm glad you are here and interested enough in Waymarking to propose a category :)

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Sounds redundant and overprevalent to me if Anno Domini is included -- every cornerstone from the 19th century and earlier will qualify.


I agree with the "over prevalent" assessment, but can also see that not allowing cornerstones and date plaques could be done, as they already have a category.


As for collisions with the Etched in Stone category, I suspect that this would happen much more often than one may think. Right now I can't even think of a Latin inscription we've encountered that wasn't either a quote or an excerpt from an "attributable source". That's not to say that they don't exist - there could be thousands out there. It just seems unlikely to me.



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jonathanatpsu, Thank you for suggesting this category. We look forward to your next new category proposal.


If you look at past proposals that did not even make it to peer review, you will soon realize that this is a learning experience.


We have failed several times, before getting our first category approved.


We welcome you to the Waymarking community.

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