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Barley Mill Reunion


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I am planning a barley mill reunion date set for April 19th at the Olympic Club in Centralia. This event will be open to everyone. It is also Slinger's 30th birthday...lol(had to throw that in)

I hope to have the event page approved by tomorrow. Let me know if you can attend.


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Really? Where you heading Moun10Bike? We're going to be up in Leavenworth for the weekend (No guys, not the prison).


What time's the event? We'll be heading up Saterday morning & back Sunday night (ick). Doubtful that we'd be able to make it, but you never now.


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We're just headed to Spokane and Coeur d'Alene (home of my parents and my wife's parents, respectively).


There are some good caches in the Leavenworth area, especially if the snow levels are down and you can get to them. Boundary Butte has some awesome views, although I see from recent logs that there is some construction going on in the area that might hinder access.



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Well since buddhists are not big on easter icon_wink.gif, I will be going nowhere. But Centralia sounds like as good a place as any. Never actually stopped there when heading north to the emerald city... I do have a good easter funny though HERE


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Sounds like fun, but doubtful that we'd be able to make it. You just never know though... will you be posting coordinates for those who haven't been there before? Slinger is awesome--one of our favorite caching 'buddies.' Doug and I will be in the area for 3 nights over Oyster Stampede weekend; we'd love to hook up with you two then, if possible. Regardless, we're gonna find a BUNCH of you guys' caches! We are certainly looking forward to it!

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Obviously, i'm there.


But i'm mooching off of someone for a place to stay, because this weekend at the coast totally killed my checking account.

In a perfect world, i'd just drive the 80 miles home afterwards, but i know me pretty well, so i know that i'll probably have about four too many oly stubbies to be in any condition to drive. at any rate, i'm telling the waitress at the following morn's breakfast that it's my birthday because i love free pie with a candle on it.


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I am SO bummed that I didnt get to attend, but driving from Salem to Centralia, back to Salem, then to Hillsboro in one day would be a little excessive for me. I wish ya a very happy birthday, and look forward to any stories and/or pix from the adventures. C


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Well....if we had known, we would have just picked you up. We left from Eugene. icon_smile.gif This just wasn't something to be missed. We're planning on taking bail money with us next time, just in case. icon_wink.gif Had a great time...Thanks again!!!


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