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moving so... Caches up for adoption.

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Well folks here is the deal. I am for sure moving down to Sacramento and will need to find a adoptive cacher to take over the caches I have active in the area:

* LOG IT Beaverton, OR

* LOG IT 2 - Jackson Bottom Hillsboro, OR

* Can you hear me NOW??? off Hwy 26 near Manning, OR

* 38-Mile off Hwy 26 near Timber, OR

I already spoke to Jeremy and he said

When folks move they usually try to find a local geocacher to adopt them.

Ask in the regional forums to see who may be able to take them on.

Otherwise they would need to be retrieved.

If they need adopted, just email the contact address on the site and

provide the waypoint name and the user they should be transferred to.

Any takers???

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I have one out by Can you hear me now??? (was looking at a trip up Hayward myself but you beat me to it) and 38-Mile. I would be happy to adopt them, but I suppose I should find them first... icon_biggrin.gif


My mind not only wanders...

Sometimes it leaves completely...



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so far this is how the run down goes:

Altered State'LOG IT 2 - Jackson Bottom'

bazzle'Can you hear me NOW???'

Charlie Trail Duster 38-mile (he had an intrest at the Ridgewood View Trash Out)


That just leaves 'LOG IT'. No formal interviews, review of bloodtype or if you believe in Aliens in order to qualify, just hate to archive any of them...


Bazzle, you still need to log 'Can you hear me NOW???', but when you do go ahead and modify the logbook.


Altered State, to finally answer the questions in your log on 'LOG IT 2 - Jackson Bottom' the answers are 1)was searching for that type of placement for that type of cache container and 2) those wern't there when I placed it so I think they are yours icon_biggrin.gif


Jogyo - Nice to meet a fellow cacher while on the hunt for 'In 'E' We Trust ' How come you never logged it?


I'll email Jeremy with the change of ownership.

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Hi Jeeplife,


We had to adopt out our own cache ("Pinole Cat" in the SF Bay area - not quite Sacramento but close) when we moved up here a couple of months ago, so adopting one of yours would seem appropriate somehow icon_smile.gif.

"LOG IT" is quite near us, but we haven't looked for it yet - would you be OK with us adopting it if we can find it in the next couple of days?


Happy moving!

--Alison of AlisonAndy

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