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Paternosters again?

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I have been thinking about creating a group/category about listing paternosters worldwide. Searching this forum I found out that a category containig this was made back in 2012. Is the idea dead? Or could a better description bring t back to live? Or are they simply to rare?

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Four years later, there must be even fewer surviving examples.




I wonder what were the reasons that it failed peer review.


OMG -- these things are terrifying! I saw one on a British TV Show, and I thought "Won't catch me in one, that's for sure!! Yikes". LOL


But as to category: we are not sure if paternosters are prevalent enough to make a good category. They are certainly NOT global.


It sounds like the paternosters that still might exist will be on private property where photography may not be allowed.


How will a waymarker get access to a building to take a photo of a place that uses a paternoster for moving boxes or documents and not people? Won't those be in nonpublic areas? For the ones that are in office buildings, those also may be hard to gain access to.


Will an actual photo of the paternoster in operation be required to waymark the paternoster, or will a news article or Wikipedia reference be enough?


These are just the questions that occur to me right now. I will be interested to see more discussion :)

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Had to check Wiki to find out what a paternoster was. Would almost have thought it was German, but it turns out it's Latin. Only way we'll ever come across one is to build it ourselves. We have a big maple tree in the back yard...

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I still like the idea, but I do not have much hope that it can pass peer review.


Arguments against it:


There are too few, and most of them are concentrated in just a few countries.

Many of them are not accessible and even if they are, there is not really much to see and take pictures of.




They are interesting and only poorly documented relics of the history of progress of the early 20th century. (And for me this is the main reason to support it).

It is not arbitrarily limited to a geographic area. There might be more than we know, and they might be also in other parts of the world (Wikipedia has a already long record of really spectacular failures when trying to list things that are not too common in the US).

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