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Hey guys. Bellemanda, Laurencat, and i are bored, so we've placed a geocache for you to find if you're as bored as we are. I'll pull it before we go to bed.

Here ya go:

N45 30.738

W122 38.930



Good stuff inside. It's worth it.


all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed

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Hey you guys!!! Were are you? oregone just locked himself in the bathroom, but laurencat's wiley plan and my diversion notes brought him out when the buzzer rang & i yelled "Geocachers!" and oregone ran out to meet them and I flanked him on the back side and laurencat rubbed the pepper in his neck (earlier happenings, dont ask). As you can see, pleas visit us.... the highjinks continue when we are bored! ~~bellemanda



I'm not great enough to be modest.

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After Milling around for about 20 minutes and cruising the nearby neighborhood for a beaten down old red crx (I did see a Yellow Jeep though!) and Barley seeing anyone at all, much less someone I recognized I decided to head back to the 'burbs.


Twice in one week Oregone. I don't get many chances like this. The leash is pretty short when the kids aren't at gramma's house in Arizona.

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Originally posted by my sister:

What is this:


"It's late at night, and I've had too much to drink. Anyone wanna go geocaching right now?"


What the heck?



Hey, what are you implying?

we WERE bored, after all.

By the way, we pulled it at around 3:45am, so let us never speak of it again.


all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed

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Yeah, I know it was last night, but I was in the neighborhood at 7pm tonite and stopped by for Capt'n Neon and a possible glimpse of Oregone, Laurencat, or Bellemanda. I figured you were around the corner when I heard "Folsom Prism Blues". No dice tonite. Such is life. Prism is intentional.

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