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You are getting close message


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Kinda surprised this is still an issue. There's been a few threads on this.

IIRC, it was originally on the old Intro app (as a new person may need the proximity alarm while learning), and somehow carried over to this new app.

I agree, an on/off switch would be nice.

Fortunately I don't do urban hides (sorta tough to be stealthy...), but instead would scare the critters away when in the woods. :)

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I agree with all of you about "You are getting close" sound and the message that you have to click on Ok to make go away. It's annoying while driving and/or walking, especially hitting the OK button. Maybe in time they will off/on button for this annoying sound and message. I like geocaching and also I like the new app once I got to use it - even better than the old one :rolleyes:

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That is great news, Ben! Little by little, the app keeps getting better. For me, it's down to this and just one other issue and then I will be a happy app user. My wishlist, copied from another thread:

Once "saved logs" (formerly "field notes") are added this month, I have only three items to add to your wish list:


7. Ability for the screen to stay active while I'm actively navigating to a waypoint.

8. Ability to disable "You're getting close!" alerts.

9. Ability to disable helpful beginner tip popup messages. (Yes, I know what a mystery cache is. I've been geocaching for 15 years.)

Draft logs - CHECK!

Screen stays active - CHECK!

Disable proximity alerts - soon???


How about, each time you answer one of the common improvement requests, everyone sends you a message that says "You're getting close!" :ph34r:

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Add us to the list... disappointed (so far) with the "New" app and this "feature" is near the top of the list.... I pretty certain I know I'm getting close, after all, that's why I would have this app loaded, to find a cache....


How about, each time you answer one of the common improvement requests, everyone sends you a message that says "You're getting close!" :ph34r:


Well-played, sir. :P

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On 3/23/2017 at 3:16 PM, Ben H said:

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. We're looking at options for improving this for more experienced users in the next couple months.

I was disappointed when the sound went away. Any chance you can bring it back with an option to turn it off for those who don't like it? Any chance you have a recording of the sound you can send to me? I'm feeling nostalgic and can't remember what it sounded like. 

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