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Ditto For Waymarkers

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When B started the thread on the bug(s) problem we are being subjected to here it reminded me that I have been meaning to start this thread for some time now.


A while ago it occurred to me (for possibly the seventeenth time :( ) that there are Windows clipboard enhancements out there which could streamline my Waymarking tasks considerably. After a quick look at what was available I chose a utility called Ditto Clipboard Manager. I chose it because it was done by the Sourceforge guys and was advertised as being small and fast. Also, it can be downloaded as a portable app. I've been using it for a while now and feel like an idiot for not having gotten it four years ago.


I don't know what else it will do as I wanted it for one purpose and one purpose only - the ability to cache multiple copies (of anything that one can copy to the clipboard) then later paste them, one by one. It's GREAT for cross posting, which I do a lot with churches, for example - This Old Church, Country Churches, Church Denomination, Worldwide Cemeteries, Churchyard Cemeteries, Unique Steeples, Bell Towers, Stained Glass, Musical Instruments, various Memorials, & etc. With Ditto I can copy an entire Waymark in 7 copies then paste it to a new Waymark in 7 successive pastes. After they're all pasted all that is required are changes and amendments to the text appropriate to each Waymark.


To my knowledge (haven't yet played with it or read the instructions) it will allow a maximum of 100 cached copies, the most recent 10 of which can be pasted using CTL-1 through CTL-0. Copies are cached in LIFO order - Last In First Out, so your most recent copy is available with CTL-1 (or CTL-v). All other copy, cut, paste, undo & redo keyboard shortcuts work normally. With this method 2 passes are required, one for the Waymark and another for the variables, as Waymark + variables often exceeds 10 items. It also has a popup window from which one may select an item to paste but I've not yet used that feature. I should look into it as there are (many? :mad: ) times I have a recent copy on the clipboard but can't remember which slot it's in.


The more tech savvy guys here may have already thought of this, but I'm guessing that there are a lot of Waymarkers who could use Ditto. It installs completely automatically and inserts a hook into the clipboard. Normal behaviour is to load at startup but that and everything else, I think, are editable.



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