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Saturation Check / Cache Review

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This may very well be due to my own inexperience, but I'm a bit confused. I registered a cache (GC6Q01A) and requested a saturation check months ago—August to be specific. I went this route after a failed attempt at activating another cache due to saturation issues. Groundspeak help pages recommended requesting a saturation check in this manner. Now, I am ready to hide the cache and have it activated, but even the saturation check has yet to happen as of today. I have attempted an activation request, with the hope that this might trigger a response. Four months have passed. Is there a point of contact for such situations or am I at the mercy of local reviewers?

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It looks like you created the page months ago, but only today submitted it for review. I'm sure one of the NC reviewers will get back to you soon. Just writing up a cache page w/o doing the submit will not make it visible to reviewers.


But it should be good to go now.


I see what you mean, but thought I had requested it before. Either way, this is good information. I will be sure not to make the same mistake again.



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I've never heard of a saturation check but, I have cached in areas where I could see it would be hard to place one...good luck in your placement!


I have used saturation checks many times. And quite often it's been too close to another listing, like a puzzle cache or something. A few times I'm stumbled upon unpublished caches in an area. It saves time going back to pick up a nice geocache that can't be published. :)

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