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The two senior members of Tuckers Tribe are coming to the States in January 2017. They will be travelling around for three weeks on Amtrak from coast to coast & back. We want them to have some fun while they are there & to log lots of geocaches. It would be nice for them if they could meet up with some local geocachers on their travels so we would like to ask for anyone who would in interested in helping them with local knowledge along the way to get in touch. Their scheduled stops on their trip are as follows:

Orlando - arr. 4th Jan, dep. 5th Jan

New York - arr. 6th Jan, dep. 9th Jan

Niagara Falls - arr. 9th Jan, dep. 10th Jan

Chicago - arr. 11th, dep. 12th Jan

Seattle - arr. 14th Jan, dep. 16th Jan

Vancouver - arr. 16th Jan, dep. 17th Jan

Seattle arr. 17th Jan, dep. 18th Jan

San Francisco arr. 19th Jan, dep. 22nd Jan

Denver - arr. 23rd Jan, dep. 25th Jan

Washington - arr. 27th Jan, dep. 30th Jan

Orlando - arr. 31st Jan

They are pretty active for seventy year olds but that schedule should challenge them & we told them that the weather would probably be on the chilly side. They do like meeting people so it would be nice if they could get to meet up with local geocachers along the way & log us some caches.


Any assistance or advice would be gratefully received & you can contact Grandad Tucker at: tometucker@hotmail.com


Thanks for looking,


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