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Suggestions needed for sale of complete set of GGC coins


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The Michigan Geocaching Organization (MIGO) will be receiving a donation for our 2017 Winter Social event of a complete set of Geocoinclub coins from the first coin issued in August 2005 to the one issued this month. I've been told they are all unactivated. The guys at GCC said it is the only complete set they know of.


I'd like suggestions on how we should sell these coins. Would anyone be interested in the complete set? If so how much would be a good price for them?


Or maybe they could be sold by the year. That would obviously break up the set but would also be more manageable cost wise for potential buyers.


Your thoughts on how to handle this sale would be greatly appreciated!



MIGO is a non profit organization but because of the way the non profit is set up we can't issue receipts for tax deduction purposes.

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Those are excellent questions Nevada Nick. As far as I know they were issued every month since it started. The first ones were very low mint numbers and are hard to find. I know some of them have sold for upwards of $100 each but not so much lately.

I know that there was a special coin that was given when you joined. I'm not sure how long that lasted and I need to find out if that coin is also a part of the package too.


I will find out about the pathtags. I didn't think to ask about those.

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... and maybe you should ask if it comes with all the limited editions/artist editions - Not every coin had one, but more than a few. I guess that every club member who joined the club in the beginning owns a complete set of regular editions (and the club owners themselves probably, too)... if I'm not wrong, every member got two regular ones each.


...and what about the other GCC coins e.g. minted for Mega-Events or other purposes? These are "GCC coins" as well...


...and I doubt that the first regular editions were super rare - I guess they are hard to find, because a lot of them were lost/muggled (a lot were set free back then) or remained with people who are not in the game anymore - unless you were talking about the AEs... those ARE rare.


...is the donation from GCC or from an individual that happens to have them all?


To answer the initial question:

I think the main idea of the donor is to offer the complete set... I guess it is almost 150 regular coins we are talking about.


I think you'll get more money by splitting the collection up - I doubt the complete set will sell for more than the sum of the parts. Especially the rare ones will go up in price while you probably will sit on the latest ones for a while.


On the other hand:

If you are a non-profit organization - in case you don't really need the profit of selling them: Why not activate them and put them on display? Take them to events, keep the collection complete... maybe people donate more money over time or even join MIGO, because they appreciate a collection like this to remain intact and for everyone to enjoy?

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I will also find out if the collection includes the special editions that the club minted from time to time. At this moment I assume that it doesn't include those. This individual did get two regular coins editions each month and he is donating one of those sets. If someone joined in the very beginning and didn't miss a month they would have a complete set but the owners don't know of anyone else. They may have themselves but they also trade and sell privately.


To clarify I am talking about the specific Geocoin Club coins. The ones that you had to have a subscription to get and not any of the other coins minted by the Geocoinstore.


The initial coins were minted in smaller quantities especially the first one and even back then were hard to get if you didn't jump right in on the club bandwagon when it first started.


An individual is donating the set to help raise money for MIGO. Activating them and taking them to events is not practical for us and not what the donator wants us to do.


I've had suggestions to raffle off the entire set which might work too. Selling individual coins also isn't practical. I personally would like to see the set stay intact but the other MIGO officers will also have a say in how this donation is handled.

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Has anyone considered asking Groundspeak / GC .com if THEY are interested? As a historical effort?


They would likely have the funds it would take to make a generous offer - considering what they spend on Mega events - this is a MEGA set.


Sure - some might not like GS getting the benefit, but it might guarantee the final disposition of the complete set.


Just sayin' ...


{I wondered if 'raffle' laws might interfere - not even sure what Paypal's position on their 'Acceptable Use Policy' might be ... }

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To clarify I am talking about the specific Geocoin Club coins. The ones that you had to have a subscription to get and not any of the other coins minted by the Geocoinstore.


Just to clarify, not to poke further:


I know the difference, but I remember there were coins that said GCC on them but were probably not in the subscription, like those poker challenge coins from 2007 or 2008, or those "I cought me a bug" tag-shaped coins from GW V - I guess only 50 made, that said "www.geocoinclub.com" on them...


I don't know how you could get those, but probably not through the geocoinstore - seems more club-related.



Good luck!

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