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app doesn't keep device awake whilst navigating.

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so we still have a very basic feature/function missing from this "new" app.

when navigating to a cache the app does not keep the screen awake, so you have to keep unlocking the device to see where you are in relation to the cache.

this is a very basic function of what is essentially a navigation app.


i mean, seriously, what sort of developers do you have that missed this??

even if the developers did miss it, who signed off any release of the app with this "feature" missing?


oh, and while i'm at it.... you still haven't sorted the measurement units for the UK.

the app forces km/m, when in the UK we use miles and feet.

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i take it GS are simply going to ignore this then.

not even the decency to respond!

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from June 2015????

and they called it a "feature request" in that thread, when in fact i would call it a "bug".

something an app should do but doesn't is a bug. especially when the app it replaced did it.

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Also to be fair, I think a bug report or feature request stands a far greater chance of receiving a response when it's stated in proper terms: "X is how the application performs today. As a user, I would like the application to do Y instead. This is a good idea because of Z."


I'm not a developer, but if I were, and I had my choice between responding to a feature request phrased like that versus an opening post that belittled the work I'd been doing, I would have skipped replying to this thread.


In my day job, I'm an application owner. I've learned over the years to communicate my bugs and feature requests to IT in an objective manner, by separating out the anger and frustration that I feel from trying to get work done in the current environment.

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bear i mind i pointed this flaw out back in 2015 when the app first launched, and a "standard" response.

as a paying customer GS should respond to all issues regardless of how they are presented.


also, this is not a "i think this app should do this because it's a good idea", it's a "this is an app that fails with of the basic requirements of a navigation app, and one that the previous app did".


as a platform developer myself, i would have long since lost my job if my application failed to do basic task 18 months after initial launch.

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