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Enough Already


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I didn't do it the few weeks before Broken Arrow because I didn't want to take away from that.


I didn't do it the first week after B.A. to give people time to catch their breath.


I've already started setting something up but I have camping this weekend and both of my girls are in summer B-Ball tournaments on weekends. I wouldn't be able to do it till Tuesday July 24th. But it would appear that a lot of you folks can't wait that long.


So, get together, have a pint, and have fun. Decide who wants the spike and I'll drop it off to whoever the lucky person is.

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Sacriledge! Who would throw an original makaio Golden Spike from the very first Oregon get together in the ocean? I hope they at least attached a TB tag to it. Maybe we'll it raised from the ocean floor in a Discovery Channel special in the next decade or so.





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