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Argentina (Buenos Aires) and Uruguay (Colonia)

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Hi everyone! I am a geocacher from the US and am planning a trip at the end of March 2017. I am signed up for a trip to Brazil, Argentina (iguazu falls) and Paraguay but am looking to go a few days earlier and fly to Buenos Aires to do some caching and also take the ferry across to Uruguay. I have reached out to a handful of cachers and cache owners and even a reviewer but have not found anyone who would want to meet up with me and my friend. We'd like to find a cacher who knows the area and would want to cache with us for 2 days (March 29 and 30). If anyone has any suggestions i'd greatly appreciate the feedback. I'm not sure how the notifications work for this so just in case would you please email or message me through my geocaching profile, CBX25. Thanks!

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