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Ivy Cottage, Bermuda

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Many years ago, my family and I lived in Bermuda and rented a very old Bermudian Cottage called Ivy Cottage. We will be returning to Bermuda for the day on a cruise ship and want to revisit our old haunts. However, I can't remember the address of Ivy cottage, except that I'm (almost) sure it was in Paget and off South Shore Road.


Could someone please advise how to find the cottage. I may remember when I'm there, but I'd much prefer to know in advance.





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Thanks to Google Earth, I've found it.


Good to know! Hope you have a good time revisiting.


I did a casual search on line and ended up looking at an absolutely amazing 10.something million dollar property...I actually felt sad for a few minutes that I wasn't filthy rich :(

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On 11/24/2016 at 7:11 PM, Gill & Tony said:

Thanks to Google Earth, I've found it.


By any chance did you have dinner at Dennis' Hideaway back then??


Three or four picnic tables in a backyard near the airport...and gourmet cooking!  I'm sure there was a bottle  of sherry pepper sauce on the table, too.



Formal types raised eyebrows, but it was an authentic experience...unlike, say, the Southampton Princess.


Google tells me they're no longer in existence, but there are articles and stories online.  Not to be confused with an Inn of the same name in St. Vincent.

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Yes, Dennis's Hideaway was a great favourite.  We took all our overseas visitors there.  I once had a very expensive gold chain come loose and go missing.  After much searching and pondering we eventually went back to Dennis's to see if I had lost it there.  He had found it while cleaning up and had kept it safe for me.  Old wooden bench tables almost falling apart, mismatched airline cutlery, whatever glassware was available, probably jam jars and tumblers.  if you wanted real wine glasses, BYO.  But absolutely fabulous food.  Anywhere from 5 - 10 courses, depending on what he had caught that day and then, just when you couldn't eat another thing, the fish and chips arrived.


We had planned to hire bikes, but decided to rent a taxi for a few hours.  It actually worked out a bit cheaper than the bikes and we had a knowledgeable local to tell us all the gossip.  We visited all the old haunts, both houses, the kids' school,  My favourite beach - Jobson's cove.  I didn't dive off the rocks, getting a bit old for that now.   Silly story.  We were diving off the rocks into Jobson's Cove one day when an obvious tourist climbed up beside us.  I said something along the line of "Be careful, I hope you know what you are doing".  He shrugged and did 1 1/2 somersaults with full twist into the water.  Turns out he was a coach for the US olympic diving team.:rolleyes:


Anyway, back to Denis's. According to our tour guide/taxi driver,  Dennis passed away and his son ran it for a while.  It became a hit or miss as it only opened when the son felt like it and it shut down for good some years ago.   Shame, both about Dennis - he was a real gentleman - and the hideaway.


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