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Operation Recreation GeoTour (Florida)

Pup Patrol

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From the most recent newsletter:


Florida State Parks is proud to announce a new Geocoin available with Operation Recreation GeoTour.


Operation Recreation GeoTour provides the unique opportunity to go geocaching in a multitude of different environments within Florida. Whether you’re strolling along a sandy beach or hiking through a shaded forest, a cache will be waiting for you.


Operation Recreation GeoTour



Florida State Parks (with a link to the pdf tracking sheet)



From the tracking sheet:

Visit 40 caches and win the new Official Operation Recreation Geocoin. If you have one of the original geocoins, visit 20 additional caches to claim your new geocoin.



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1 hour ago, BanditBoy/HollyGirl said:

We received the coin for the original tour but did not get the souvenir.  How do we acquire the souvenir?


Well last i heard (It could very well have changed since then), you get the souvenir if you find ALL the caches listed with the Geotour. Finding enough to get the coin doesn't count.

I just completed two Geotours and didn't get the souvenir either, so I think I'm right.

But please let me know if I'm wrong!


Here's the other discussion:


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