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Remove the duty for Online Login at the App starts

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the app allways trys to login to GC server at the appstart (check your FoundNo., checks if server runs,...)


BUT when you are outside with no mobile Internet (like in the woods) or in an other country with no mobile flat,

then you can NOT start the app, because the app need a short login.


So the function of using offline saved caches / cachedetails is useless, because you can not access it.


Last time at the GIGA Event in Essen, Germany the cellphone Provider had a big downtime of 6-12 Hours with 3G services so no mobile internet on the hole GIGA Event day.

I met my people using the GC App only, they have saved the hole caches arround the giga event but cannot access them, because the app did not start through the login process to the start page to access the saved cachedetails.


Better Idea, start the app look for login and get the "new and actually foundcounts" but if after 10-15 sec there is no response then show "working offline" (no onlinelogs be uploaded to the page, only offline caching an offline fieldnotes are available)

and then start the menü to access offline saved caches and you can GO CACHING.


I would be greate when there are offline maps available, too. See my other post here






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the app doesn't need a network connection of any kind to load

i just enabled airplane mode. then opened the app and it opened just fine.

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