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New iPad

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Greetings All


I plan on buying an iPad for my business and will be using it for caching as well. Today I use a Garmin GPSmap 76CS and it is becoming a chore to interface and download anything as the newer operating systems, updates, upgrades are making it harder and harder to use.


My question; does anyone have any iPad recommendations? One of the features I do like about my Garmin is the trails it records as I search for the cache.


Thanx and Happy Caching


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Do a search in the app store for "GPS" to get an idea of what's available.


One App that records tracks is "GAIA GPS", and it can work offline once the maps & waypoints you need are installed. I bought it and a couple of maps so that I could get offline trails on my Garmin Oregon (and I've since found suitable trail maps for it).

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