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I have been continuously locking coins as they are being discovered by armchair cachers since they turned that switch on for us. I keep a record to preserve my sanity. The printed list that circulate even by coiners is disheartening. Icon collectors or challenges of how many trackables you moved (actually just discovered & logged) has changed our game. Very sad... :sad:

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I assume most of those chair-logged coins have a PC prefix. I guess that about a third of all exisiting PC-codes are activated. If you enter any random PCxxxx-Code, in average, every third is getting you to an activated coin. I estimate, if you wanted to, this way you could discover like 3-4 coins every minute, that is about 200 per hour. If 20% of those logs got deleted in the end - why care? Problem: Groundspeak used the PC-prefix way too long.

With other prefixes you have a lower chance of finding an activated coin.


Good thing: There are enough codes left to be given away, because less than 1% of these 1,2 billion codes is used so far.


If all those codes had been used randomly from the very beginning, your random chances would be as little, meaning you might only find and log an activated item every 3 minutes. That would be only 20 per hour and way more boring.


As I suggested before: Why not introduce a button "discover all coins" into the game, that will put this player's counter to 1,196,883,216 logged coins (that's the number of possible 6-digit-codes I guess, add the number of codes with less digits), spare the coin owners the logs and everyone should be really happy saving a lot of time.

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