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Most likely some short little underage punk wandering in the woods crying after their last rejection from the opposite sex, or the same, wanting everyone else to feel as bad as they do. When I was 19 I thought it was crap, but now I know for sure that youth is wasted on the young. So many good things to appreciate. In the paper I read about monsters but in the geocaching forums i've met nothing but cool people. Such a shame. What a waste.


That doesn't smell like mud Chucko

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Hey guys watch it! we're messing with a community college genius over here. Maybe someday he'll get that job as head burger flipper at McDonald's or maybe even a girlfriend. I'm guessing he's got nothing at the moment after reading his logs. No life. nothing. Maybe things will work someday. In fact he e-mailed me saying he didn't even have a car because he couldn't afford one. Just keep thinking minimum wage and the joy of stealing caches and maybe in about 40 to 50 years your dreams will come true. I'd pay money to see him cross paths with Criminal on the trails. This one guy in Texas was caught in the act of stealing a cache and he fled like a little wimp with his tail between his legs.



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