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How do you West Sider's do it?


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My wife and I were recently in the Puget Sound area visiting her mom... I took advantage of the opportunity to attempt a few caches in the Puyallup area. I was within feet of three different caches (according to the GPSr), but there were SO MANY PEOPLE around!!! icon_eek.gif I had to bail out on all three caches. icon_frown.gif How do you people Geocache over there?


Glad I'm living in Spokane!! icon_wink.gif



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We all wear top secret "body armor", reversed engineered from the alien technology stored at Area 51. The material makes the shape of the wearers body virtually undetectable, unless you happen to own a pair of the special binoculars, you would never know if someone wearing these garments was standing right next to you. UH OH!, what was that, ... THEY're coming,... I've said to much,... gotta go! Don't repeat this information to any one, or THEY'll be after you, too.

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There are many approaches to the 'bystander' problem. Below are some methods to consider, but many of them take years to perfect in remote mountaintop monasteries run by small men with wispy moustaches and cataracts who work by candlelight:


Cosa Notra Method: Threaten to 'whack' the bystanders; take note if they own any horses.


Vampire Method: Grab your trusty Maglite (or just use infravision) and troll about during the night.


Birdwatcher Method: Wake up at 4am and pretend you're looking for birds.


Ranger Rick Method: Dress up in a ranger outfit (you have to have the 'special' hat to make it look authentic) and tell people the area has been declared a 'sensitive' wildlife area and is 'offlimits'.


Swarm method: Invite several hundred of your friends to join you - sure, people will notice but the chances of them finding the 'real' cacher are small.


Toxic Avenger method: Dress up in Hazmat togs and start muttering things like 'the ebola monkey should be somewhere around here' or 'mortality rate should be about 9 in 10'.


Tin man method: Just wait until the bystander goes. Be sure to bring warm clothing, some food and a good book just in case it takes a while.

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