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sir dumil

eTrex Touch 25/35 bugs and workarounds

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I've been using my eTrex Touch 35 for almost a year now.

Its firmware is up-to-date at version 3.4, but it has some pretty annoying bugs.

At least some of them have some workarounds.

Please share about some of the bugs you've noticed with your eTrex Touch 25 or 35 and if you've found a way to cope with them.


Here are some bugs that I've found:


- In windy conditions, the touch screen will become quite insensitive or completely unresponsive.

- At times, the GPSr seems to be pre-occupied with something and responds very slowly to screen presses.

- Fairly frequently, the GPSr gets into a state where it automatically flips away from the map display, regardless of whether you swipe the map display back or not.


This last bug I have been able to work around by swiping the map display back, immediately touching the little compass rose icon at the middle left of the display, then touching one or two points on the map. At this point, I can touch the icon at the lower left and the map-flipping behaviour should stop.


What oddities have you found?

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Another early adopter of an eTrex Touch 25 here. I don't know if they still have this bug, but there was an issue with the start/pause track "reminder" constantly popping up, and disabling it wasn't an option. Also, I experienced some of the same screen freezes and hiccups that you mentioned. Ultimately, the unit went back for a refund, and I returned to using a GPSMAP 64s. Which is a shame, because I think Garmin really nailed the features on the eTrex Touch series, just not the firmware.

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Same here - Garmin sent me two different units on top of the one I purchased and all were awful. Traded in and paid the difference for the Oregon 700 and couldn't be happier.

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