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Hi: I need some help in locating some geocaches I found

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Hi: I am from the USA, my name is Carmine and we were on a 29 day cruise on the Zuiderdam visiting the Baltics and later on the voyage of the Vikings heading towards Iceland, Greenland and Canada. We also stopped in Stockholm, Sweden. My Problem was my phone did not have any internet so I used my Magellan 710 geocache device. It worked fine and I managed to find over 60 total geocaches during the 29 day cruise. The issue is some of the caches in Stockholm, Sweden were lost by a clinch when I tried to log them on the site. I would like to request some assistance from some local cachers in reconstructing the cache sites I lost.

I remember some of the details about the two caches I lost. They were found on 8/16/16, the first one was located right next to where the cruise ship docked and right near by the entry gate to enter the cruise ship port. It was so close to the ship the security police came over to see what I was doing in the area, lucky I had found the cache and showed him the container. It was a blue plastic container hidden on some metal frames right next to the ship, you would not believe how close. I will attach a picture as an attachment. The second was on the way to the cruise port right near by the hop on hop off bus stop. There was sort of a covered alley or walkway right off the street with metal frames and windows, the cache was a small magnetic plastic container located on a beam in the front of the structure in a corner area. Picture also attached. Any help from my Swedish colleagues in identifying these caches would be a greatly appreciated. Ciao for Now Carmine

post-6414203-080661400 1477335726_thumb.jpg

post-6414203-005726600 1477335750_thumb.jpg

post-6414203-075882500 1477335764_thumb.jpg

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