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5 Brand New Geocoin Giveaway


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I have 5 of these geocoins up for grabs; I'm willing to send 1 geocoin each to the first 5 geocachers who request one. Please post a reply if you are interested, then send me your snail-mail address via email: tom@tomslatin.com. I will be mailing them to addresses in the United States only. My apologies if you live outside the USA.




These geocoins are not keepable/collectable; they must me placed into caches within a reasonable amount of time. :)

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Everyone who has contacted me so far has been wonderful, so I've decided to send TWO geocoins to each person who has requested them in this thread. Please note more requests for now; I will offer some more giveaways in due time. Thanks everyone!

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Please send me an address via email at tom@tomslatin.com or have them contact me directly.




I would like to move a coin on, but this request is not for me it is for my daughter and son-in-law (MDP511), they have just started geocaching.

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Well, you're in luck. I set aside some extras just in case. Not going to reveal how many are available, but 250 were minted. I can send you two geocoins sometime next week if you're interested. Just need a mailing address and they'll be on their way.


Let me know @ tom@tomslatin.com.




I'll play if anyone falls through.

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