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I went to your public profile, and clicked on "Lists". I see that you have a 'favorites' list.

That's an automatically-created list that shows the caches you've awarded Favorite Points to. Public lists would appear below this under the "Bookmark Lists" heading, but the OP doesn't appear to have any. If you look at my profile, you should see a bunch of lists.


Keep in mind that for a list to show up on your public profile, you have to tick two settings on the list: "I want to share this list with others" AND "Make this list public". If either of these isn't ticked, the list won't show up. However, if you tick only "I want to share this list with others", you can send the URL of the list to your friends and they'd be able to see it, but the list wouldn't show up on your public profile or cache listings. This can be handy if you have a list you want to share with only a few select people.

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So are you saying that if I want to share a list with friends I can open that list, copy and paste the url into an email to my friends. They can then click on the link and see the list? Down at the bottom of the last there is an option to "Create Pocket Query." Will they be able to do that with my list?

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  • Go to your profile.
  • Scroll down and look on the right for "manage lists- click.
  • Find and click "Create new bookmark list"
  • Enter the details. tick "share with others" but leave "make public" unchecked if you only want to share it with your friend, then click create.
  • Go to a cache
  • find the bookmark option
  • Select the list to save the bookmark to from the drop down menu. then click "create bookmark"
  • repeat for each and every cache you want to share with your friend.
  • open the list and copy the URL, that should do it.

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