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International EarthCache Day 9 October 2016


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International EarthCache Day 2016 is October 9 and there will be a souvenir.


If you go to an EarthCache today, let us know all about it. Why did you chose that one (close, new, always wanted)? How was the experience? Did you run into other cachers? Tell us all about it, please. The rest of us can enjoy your story or perhaps even live vicariously through your adventure.


I'm looking forward to hearing about the EarthCaches you chose.

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post-15001791-044061400 1476019705_thumb.jpgpost-15001791-018762800 1476019553_thumb.jpg<br /><br />What an Earthcache this was.<br />Involved a camel ride, a volcano walk, geothermic experiments at GZ and lunch cooked by the heat from underground lava !!<br />We were on a visit to Timanfaya National Park Lanzarote, and noted that there was an earthcache we could grab whilst we were there.<br />We expected a specific feature of a mountain or something similar as other earthcaches have been so far.<br />When we got to GZ (only accessible in a supervised group)we found park rangers conducting geothermic experiments, handing us hot rocks to hold which had been warmed by the volcano,dug from just a few inches below the surface (so hot we dropped them straight away). A dried bush was immediately ignited just by touching it to the wall of a hole in the ground where the heat was escaping, which was amazing to watch and shows the true power of nature at its core. we moved on (but still at GZ) to find another ranger who emptied a bucket of water into a hole, only for it to erupt as a steaming boiling geyser 15 feet high less than a few seconds later.<br />There is a restaurant next to GZ called El Diablo for obvious reasons, where they actually cook the food they serve using the heat from the volcano it is built on.<br />Pretty cool cache all round, and earned a favorite from me.<br />What an excellent earthcache to find and on earthcache day too!!
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Why is International EarthCache Day only 1 day? Why isn't it the entire weekend?


In Canada this is a 3-day weekend in most of the country and a time for families to get together. Making it the entire weekend, or better yet two weekends and the week in between like the latest CITO, would make things a lot easier on people to travel further to get an EarthCache. Some places don't have many EarthCaches so limiting this to a single day causes difficulties that shouldn't be there.

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Was there a particular part of "Let's keep this thread on topic" that wasn't clear?


Perhaps I should've added a "please." Please keep this thread on topic.


I enjoyed finding a brand new earthcache right after an event hosted by the creator of that earthcache. The event was informative and the cache was fun, with a unique field validation task that had me using all sorts of apps on my smartphone.

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Is there another thread dealing with earthcache day?

I thought this was going to be a big thing with all the emails that must have been sent to subscribers.

I loved describing my find (above) but have been met with a disappointing response to both it, and to the topic in general.

Am I really to believe just two people have posted an actual earthcache find today?

What happened to the competition to post the most interesting earthcache find of the day as described in the emails..........very disappointed all round, considering not bothering again and going silently in my caching quests.

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My nephew Finley and I went for an EarthCache today! We looked at the ones nearby that we hadn't found and went for Pequest Furnace Location. Iron mining and furnaces were an important part of the early history of New Jersey. Very interesting history, and pieces of pig iron left behind. 4da85e97-ee01-4677-927c-d3baed4fed82.jpg Interesting stone walls that let the water out of the furnace operation.

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We had a great earthcaching week..... On Monday we travelled down the coast to find an earthcache involving lava flows and gutters on a nice rocky beach, then during the week we had an earthcache published (our first), then found a wetlands based earthcache yesterday, it was cool, as I took my sons for a 6km bike ride throught the wetlands.


Our coal seam based earthcache.



Basalt at the beach.



Great spot for an earthcache.



Wetlands bike riding.



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My nephew Finley and I went for an EarthCache today! We looked at the ones nearby that we hadn't found and went for Pequest Furnace Location.


Cool! We found a furnace as well -- Roaring Run Iron Furnace. We were hoping for more fall color, but it was still a fun trip with family and friends.




The day before, we stopped by one of our first earthcaches so our friends could find it, my wife could see it for the first time, and I could perform some owner maintenance on it.


There are some new fences and no trespassing signs behind the fences, but the falls haven't changed much in the last six years:



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My wife and I found the Burns Bog Earthcache - https://coord.info/GCN6ZH yesterday.


It's a Peat Bog over 5,000 acres in size south of Vancouver, BC. It had rained heavily the day before so the boardwalk through the wooded areas was still pretty slick. Luckily, there was a metal mesh attached to the boards to make it safe to walk. It's home to a wide range of wildlife and is very protected by all levels of government. Fires in here can last for days/weeks since the peat will burn underground and pop up well away from the original source.

post-1034373-018751100 1476136888_thumb.jpg

post-1034373-034136900 1476136929_thumb.jpg

post-1034373-008533200 1476136956_thumb.jpg

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After last weekend's First Cape Town Mega event. Hermschle and I decided to attend the event and leave the caches to a later, less crowded time. Then he alerted me to the fact that Sunday was Earthcache Day and we did the interesting earthcache along the Liesbeek River in Cape Town South Africa - Lower Liesbeek. An well researched and presented earthcache.



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Visiting an earthcache on earthcache day was more happenstance than by design. Seven months before, we made reservations to camp along the Big Sur Coast in California. As it turned out, if we had pressed the reserve button seconds later we would not have gotten the spot we wanted and would have postponed fhe trip and been at home this past weekend, working on household projects. After the reservation was made, I noticed there was one earthcache I had not done. Many of the camps and trails in the area were closed due to the Soberanes Fire that engulfed the back country for much of the summer, but both our camp site and the earthcache remained open. The earthcache is located at a popular stop, and on the way down it was much crowded to go there, so we decided to visit it early the next morning when we could have the place to ourselves. As it turned out, that was earthcaching day.


The earthcache is located at the iconic McWay falls at Julia Pfeiffer Burns SP. it focused on something other than the falls that had contributed to the view that we enjoyed, so I learned something about the area. And it gave my wife a special view on her birthday. Regardless of the day, that is why I earthcache.



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