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Traveling to Poland from the U.S.

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I will be in Poland later this month for a work trip. I arrive on October 23 and will be busy that week with my company. On October 29th I fly to Latvia for a few days and return to Warsaw on November 1st. I fly back to the U.S. on November 2nd. I am bringing several trackables that are beginning a race. I would like to connect up with geocachers in Poland if possible. I would be free during the day and evening of November 1st (Tuesday). Please let me know. You can e-mail me at mlackore@gmail.com


Thanks - Marie of Lacknothing (Wisconsin)

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I think it would be best to create an event in the location you want to meet. 1st November isn't the best date though. We have a general tradition to visit graves that day. I'd recommend meeting in the evening, like e.g. 8PM. Also, be aware of possible car traffic limitations on that day near cemeteries (roads closest to cemeteries in large cities are usually closed or converted to parkings).

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This is the only date that I have free. I am bringing a large amount of travel bugs that are in a race - that I would like to drop in a geocache in the Warsaw area. Was hoping I could meet up with some local geocachers. I would be available in the evening - but am unfamiliar with the area as I have never been there. I have yet to set up a hotel room for Tuesday evening - November 1st. Any help would be appreciated. I would not know where to host an event.

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It would be great to meet you in Warsaw on 1st of Nov. Please let me know what are your plans for the day so we can reach you somewhere.


It will be special day for us and if you would like to feel the atmosphere of this day you should plan a evening walk at the oldest cemetery Powazki.

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