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need free space on Oregon 450


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+1 to GeoTrekker's comment. For some insane reason, Apple keeps 'local' trash cans on removable storage devices (like thumb drives and GPS devices). Memory continues to disappear until you empty the trash WITH the device connected.


Let's look at another possibility ...

First, is this a new problem on a unit that has been loaded with similar numbers of geocaches before?

Is there any chance you've clogged the device with something other than your usual geocaching *.gpx files in the Garmin\GPX folder?


What kinds of maps have you stored on the unit? Any that you do not need?

Have you been storing (accidentally or on purpose) a lot of track data on your device? If you don't need them, have you tried deleting them?


There are a number of ways to 'fill up' a 450 (and all of its cousins).

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