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Stagnate Categories: An ongoing problem


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"Maybe now would be a good time to quit badgering me then, because yours will be the first to go. :laughing:


Really, this is why I'm interested in this new idea. It's a civil way out, and no one gets to stage a coup in a year or so and take over a category that I created.


Yes, I have first hand experience of this too." Manville Possum


If you start deleting other Waymarks than your own ones, you will end up as a locked member. Promise!


A locked member of a site that I gave up on? You are a funny guy. :laughing: Groundspeak pulled out here long ago. Besides, you already made that promise before and I'm still here.


I really do believe that you have done more harm than good to Waymarking, nobody likes threats or being bullied by others. You should knock that I can get your account locked swag off. :anibad:


Yes, when this site breaks I'll think about you and lift up a cold one. :D

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