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I found a skateboard on a search today.


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I found a skateboard on a search today.


It is used but if anyone wants it, let me know. If a bunch of people want it, I;ll arrange a raffle or something.


Maybe even a one time only cache with the skateboard going to the first finder.

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After having hunted this cache yesterday, I think you should take the skateboard back to the cul-de-sac and leave it at the trailhead.

When I was there, there were several kids riding skateboards and bikes. My bet is that there is a very unhappy kid and some equally unhappy parents now that that skateboard is missing. I realize the kid was irresponsible in leaving it, but my bet is he came back to look for it and it was gone.

Being a parent of nearly skateboard aged kids, I would be really pissed that my investment (they aren't cheap no matter how much money you have) just disappeared. Just something to think about.

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It was deep into the forested area thrown about ten feet into some sticker bushes. I barely even saw it as I was scanning inch by inch into the bushes looking for the cache. I saw one letter of the writing on one of the wheels and decided to check it out further.

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I recieved the following email from someone a couple of days ago.




My name is xxx xxxxx and my house is xxxx x x x x x x x xx x x where this cache is hidden. About a month ago, a young man stole my son's skateboard out of our garage and made a dash through the woods. Our neighbor tried to chase him but couldn't keep up. We met a gentleman the other day when he found the cache and he gave me the string of messages that went along and I saw your e-mail. There is a strong possibility the skateboard you found is my son's. I was hoping you could give us a call and let him describe it to you - if it's the same, it would more than make his day to get it back!


My cell phone number is xxx xxx xxxx The home number is xxx xxx xxxx. I wouldn't normally give out the number but he was incredibly depressed when the board was stolen and this might restore his faith that there are good people out there.


Thanks, in advance, for your consideration.


Look forward to hearing from you.


Best Regards,


The user has also sent you their email address (or reply to this message):


I gave them a call a little bit ago and we determined that it was not the skateboard. However, taking into account of the circumstances and how lousy it is that some people can do this to others. Lets just say that the skateboard is going to replace the one that was ripped off.

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