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canoe series of caches


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There's a one-off traditional rated at 5/5 called Hippos Below.


The Cache by kayak series near Chippenham, Wiltshire.


Stumbled across this bookmark list which may be of some help.


We recently did a series on the river Tees in the NE starting at https://coord.info/GC6PDXF. It was good fun but you need a reasonable amount of water in the river as there are a few sections of rapids which we had to walk through. I think we found 15 over about 15 miles and it was a great day out. Most of it is away from paths so you get a view of the river not many see and you can get close to wildlife - we saw 6 king fishers and several little egrets.


Several years ago I did a series starting at https://coord.info/GC32XY3 in Suffolk - good fun on a very gentle river

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