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One out of Fifty!

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My son and I had been planning a little road trip for some time. We'd drive (cache) out to a country town (Mudgee), stay the night, then hit one of the country road trails first thing, aiming to do 50 caches in the day..... it was all meticulously planned, driving directions, bail out points on the backroads in case of whatever contingencies, watchlists, a written list ready for box ticking and note taking, food packed into separate day containers.... yes, I am a bit obsessive. Yesterday went well, until he vomited (in my bed!) at 0300 this morning, then we woke to pouring rain. After medicating him to a reasonable state, we decided on a plan B, so did one of the fifty we had planned, and a virtual and earthcache in the next town (60 miles away). Hopefully the rain (and vomit) stops for the trip home tomorrow! Sorry, just need to vent to people who would understand the angst!

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